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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

To an average man whether they are straight or not, their penis is consciously or unconsciously one of the most vital things in the whole world. At an early age when they discover it, they immediately become fascinated by it. Later on in their teens, some uncertainly enters their mind, questioning themselves if they are small or big.

Regardless of the number of times it is written that the size of penis does not matter, and that women are not attracted to a man based on the length of his organ, many males still think that penis size is an issue. Most females cannot understand their obsession with penis size therefore it is not good to belittle a guy’s manhood unless they are into such fantasies, or else they will be deeply hurt.

There are a lot of men who now have erectile dysfunction problems because someone made a bad remark in regard to their dimensions. The most surprising thing is that most of these men do have a normal size penis although each one thought they were smaller compared to other men.

It is worth noting that there are women who are really scared of the idea of a large penis and are frightened by those that are too large. There are those who are impressed by the thickness of a penis instead of its length. The reason behind this is that these women like the sensation of being stretched around the entrance of their vagina. If a guy is very broad, this is going to be quite exciting and satisfying for such women.

The length of penis plays a big role when it comes to sexual intercourse and sperm. A longer penis is very effective in depositing sperm during sexual intercourse. The deeper the penis is inside a vagina, the better it works with semen displacement making sure that your genes get passed on. A study done in 2012 revealed that some women experience frequent vaginal orgasms with longer penises. This leads the assumption that longer penis is able to stimulate the G-spot.

However, a bigger penis is not always preferred. In 2013, there was a study conducted where women were asked to rate the attractiveness of males based on different penis sizes. Flaccid penis played a big role in their perceived attractiveness of taller and fitter men. A penis that is in proportion to the male body is more desirable. If you are less endowed, you have your personality to make up for it.…